Jeffrey West

Color Wheel of Life


The Color Wheel of Life is an interactive app that visually displays how you spend your day. The idea came from an infographic I saw a few years ago. The graphic explained how creativity is elusive -- many famous creatives over the course of history have chosen to spend their days very different. How do you spend your day?

How it works

First, click on a category. Then click on one the segments around the clock to add an hour of that activity.

Hours or half-hours?

You can change the resolution of the clock by toggling the switch below. Choose between a half hour resolution or full hour.

Jeffrey's Color Wheel

Jeffrey's face

Click on my image to see my daily routine on the color wheel above. I usually go to sleep around 12:30 or 1, wake up at 9am and read the Bible or other books for about an hour. I walk to work on USC's campus then eat a late lunch, with another break for coffee in the afternoon. After dinner I'm usually found working on side projects (like this one!) and then head home to hang out for a few hours before bedtime. If I go biking (~3 days/week), I'll usually head out around 10pm when the traffic dies down. What does your color wheel look like?